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Here on the Recap Page we see an overview of the estimate. All the Areas of Constructions are shown as pages. You can view either Raw Material and Labor or Extended Totals. You can Inactivate Pages from this location. This is useful for implementing Alternates to the bid. An inactive page is NOT included in the totals. You can also of course add, delete, edit, rename pages, and merge in other estimates from here.

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The Recap Page shown below is the central location of the estimate. From this page you can set up the general layout of the estimate, Add and Delete Areas of Construction (pages of the estimate), merge other estimates, view totals etc… Many of the main functions for this page are accessed through the buttons located at the bottom of the page. Clicking your right mouse button over the Recap Grid can access other functions. All functions are discussed below.

Recap Grid Columns

Page - Page Number (1 through maximum number of pages)

Active - Y = yes (Material and Labor included in Estimate totals), N = NO

T - Page Type: R = Regular, C = Comment, Q = Quote/Subcontract

Description/Location - Page name or "Area of Construction"

Multiplier - This number is the quantity of these pages to figure into the estimate. For instance if you were bidding a motel, this number might indicate the number of rooms of the type that this page represents.

Raw Material - Raw Material Cost - This column can also be toggled to Extended cost by using the Unit Pricing Button

Raw Labor - Raw Labor hours before Job Factors. This column can be toggled to Extended Labor by use of the Unit Pricing Button.

Total Unit Price - Total Extended Material and Labor per each.

Extended Price - Total Unit Price times Page Multiplier

Cost per Sq. Ft. - Total Unit Price divided by the Total Square Feet of the job.

Labor Hours per Sq. Ft. - Raw Labor Hours divided by Total Square Feet of the job.

Page Material Markup - This value is set through Page options on the Estimate Worksheet.

Page Labor Markup - This value is set through Page options on the Estimate Worksheet.

Page Type - A page can be a Regular Page, Comment Page, or Quote/Subcontract Page. Comment Pages material and labor totals will be zero. A Quote/Subcontract Page's totals will be added to the estimate after all other taxes and markups.

Recap Page Buttons

Add Page - Adds a new Estimate Page/Worksheet after all existing estimate pages. For example in the screen above, clicking the Add Page Button would add a new page named "New Page2".

Delete - Deletes the highlighted page. WARNING! This cannot be undone! You will answer a prompt to make sure you want to delete the page and all of its material and labor.

Edit - Go to the highlighted page. From here you can add and delete material and labor. You may also double-click on a page to edit it.

Unit Pricing - Shows extended totals for the estimate pages instead of Raw Material and Labor.

Merge - Allows you to append pages from another estimate onto the end of this estimate. On clicking this button you will be allowed to choose an estimate then you can select the starting and ending pages as shown below.

Inactivate - Toggles the highlighted page from Active or Inactive and back. Inactivating pages removes their totals from the estimate total. This is how you generally account for "Alternates" for a job.

Activate All - Sets all pages Active and includes all material and labor in the estimate total.

Recap Grid Popup Menu Functions

Right-clicking the Recap Grid gives you access to many of the same functions, plus a couple of others.

Change Page Options - Sets all the page options just like clicking the Page Options Button on the worksheet.

Set All Active - Same as the Activate All Button

Inactivate/Activate page - Same as the Inactivate Button

Merge Estimate - Same as the Merge Button

Insert Page - Inserts a page before the currently highlighted page

Copy Page – Makes a copy of the Highlighted Page and inserts it after highlighted page

Add Page - Add a page to the end - Same as the Add Button

Delete Page - Same as the Delete Button

Delete All Pages - Deletes all the Estimate Pages, material, and labor. None of the other cover sheet data is affected (i.e. Job Factors, Labor Distribution, Job Expense or Summary Markups.)

Unit Pricing Toggle - Same as the Unit Pricing Button

Recap Sheet Labels

Raw Material - Total material from all active regular estimate pages before taxes or Summary Page Markups. This number does include fudge factors, page multipliers, and page material markups. This number includes Work Completed Pages, if that option is set under Options, otherwise it does not.

Extended Material - Total Material Cost of all active regular pages. Includes Tax, Material Markup, Profit, Overhead, and any special markups from the Summary Page.

Completed Raw Material – Raw Material from Worksheet Pages marked as Work Completed

Raw Hours - Total labor from all active regular estimate pages before, Job Factors, Labors Distribution, Job Expenses, taxes, or Summary Markups. This number does include fudge factors, page multipliers and page labor markups.

Extended Labor - Total Labor Cost of all active regular pages. Includes Job Factors, Labor Distribution, Job Expense, Tax, Material Markup, Profit, Overhead, and any special markups from the Summary Page.

Completed Raw Labor – Raw Labor Hours from Worksheet Pages marked as Work Completed

Quote/Subcontract Totals - Estimate pages can be marked as Quote/Subcontract types. These pages' totals come in below taxes, profit, overhead and Summary markups. See the Summary Section for further description.

Completed Quotes – Total from pages marked Quote/Subcontract AND Work Completed

Estimate Total - This is the estimate "Bottom Line". This number will be the same as the estimate total on the Summary Page.


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