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Photo of Rick

Rick Barnhouse - Company President

Rick came to BHS in 1989 to help keep up with all the hardware issues related to the industry at the time. Portable computers were a new thing and the world was black and white (or at least black and amber). In his spare time Rick started working along side the head programmer to troubleshoot code and on occasion added new ideas to test out on the boss. One of the first times, the boss walked by Rick’s door with a perspective client and there was the BHSestimator, running in color for the first time. Those were simpler times.

Time passed and Rick took over as head programmer in the early 1990s. The program moved on from DOS to Windows.

In 2008, Rick completed a degree in Computer Information Science at Southwest Baptist University (in his spare time). He graduated with honors at the top of his class and was awarded the Life Beautiful Award – a special award for SBU, presented to one male and one female student annually.

In 2010, David Zuck decided to retire and Rick became president of BHS, Inc.





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