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How do I ... ?

Q. How do I schedule a training session?

A. If you have recently purchased a system, it is very likely that we can train you at your site. If it's been awhile, we might ask you pay expenses for us to do so. Send us an email and ask and we will get back to you.

Q. How do I delete a range of lines on an estimate worksheet?

A. Let say you have a 50 line estimate and you want to delete lines 10 through 15. Click anywhere on line 10. Then either hold the Shift key and arrow down to line 15 or click and hold the left mouse button and drag down to line 15 and release the button. Either way a column or multiple columns in rows 10-15 will now be selected (in blue typically). Click the Cut Speed Button, Press Ctrl-X or Click Edit|Cut to remove the lines.

Q. How do I apply a hidden markup to Material or Labor for the entire estimate?

A. Fudge Factors - On a worksheet grid, click the right mouse button. Then click on Fudge Factors. You will be taken to two hidden fields on the Title Page.

Q. How do I edit my database in the grid mode. When I type it ignores me.

A. By default when you first enter the database, it is not in edit mode. This helps keep you from making accidental editing changes like the DOS version use to do. You can go to the edit mode by clicking Edit|Grid in Edit Mode (or you can do a Ctrl-A). If you want to edit some existing text (like the description), press Enter first and then arrow to the character where you want to edit.

Q. How do I update my Material Pricing?

A. BHS provides a Material Pricing Update as often as quarterly. You can be placed on a schedule to receive updates quarterly, semi-annually, annually or you may just call in and request an update when you want one. The cost for each update is $50.00. BHS updates the entire database each time we send out an update so you do not have to worry about missed issues. You can block certain items from being updated or you can apply various factors to the update value. We can also work with your local supply house to allow them to provide you with a file in our format so you can update direct from them. There is a one-time set-up fee of $100.00

BHS can also update from various national pricing services such as ERI (EPS Plus), Trade Service (TRA-SER) and Vision InfoSoft (EPIC). See link.

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Where can I find ... ?

Q. How do I locate items in the Database?

A. Click the Search button and enter some short description of what you are looking for. For example: HUBS for Meyer hubs or N1 for Nema 1 items. You can also use the Quick Reference Card supplied with your system to get an idea of Description Codes and items that they may contain. Use the Goto button to go to a certain Description Code.

Q. Where are the Fudge Factors?

A. Right click on the Worksheet Grid. In fact right-clicking is always a good idea in Windows 95 and up. Usually there will be a popup menu containing all of the functions available at that location. On grids you should usually left click on the line that you want to affect first, and then right click. That way you can be sure the program knows what you want to do.

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Why does/doesn't ... ?

Q. Why doesn’t my Help File work in Windows Vista or 7?

A. This problem was corrected in V6.0.6.9a. A download of the correct help file is store on our download page. You will need to have the latest version of the BHSestimator. Please contact us if your Annual Site Service Contract is up to date, or if you would like to renew. Copy this file to the c:\program files\bhs, inc/bhs5 folder. If, when you open the Help (on a W7 or Vista machine) there is no data and it tells you to navigate to another web address, you are experiencing a Windows security “feature.”  If you navigate to c:\program files\bhs, inc\bhs5 and double-click on the bhs6.chm file, Windows will come up and ask if you want to run the file. There is a checkbox for “Always Check Before Running This File.” Uncheck it. It should work fine from within, or without the program then. If installed with the rest of the system, this would probably not happen, but since it came from the a web download, Windows flags it until you tell it that the file is ok.

Q. When I try to type numbers into a field on a worksheet, the cursor keeps jumping to a different cell. What’s up with that?

A. Press the Num Lock key on your keyboard and try again.

Q. I can't see everything on the Worksheet at once.

A. There are several columns to the right of the Phase column that might extend past the right-hand side of the screen. Toggling back and forth between Unit Price Mode and Regular Mode shows these columns. Press F9 for a shortcut.

Q. Why when I select a single item to add to a worksheet do I get several items added at once?

A. This is one of the data entry modes. If you right click on the Worksheet Grid, Notice the first three choices:

Q. Why, if I add all the numbers up for cost or labor on a page, doesn't it match the total at the bottom?

A. First on a page: They are typically items priced per 100 and per 1000 (e.g., 10 * $2.37/100 =.237 which rounds to 24 cents displayed on a line.) However we still do all the math with .237

Now if you have 10 items that round this way on each line. The screen would look like the total ought to be 10*.24 = $2.40 but since we are doing the math with the real numbers the page total is 10*.237= $2.37

The same rounding procedure holds true from estimate pages through the estimate total. We only show cents on the estimate pages but the actual numbers we compute the estimate total with are out to several decimal places. Thus after all the actual numbers are added together, and the markup, profit, overhead, etc., are applied, the estimate total ends up being a few cents different.

It doesn't matter how big the estimate is, it just matter how the total of things rounds off at the end. The estimate total is the most exact number.

Q. Why does the wrong name always come up in the Estimator's Name field on a New Estimate?

A. If you have a "Master Estimate" defined, edit the Master Estimate and put the correct name in that field. (You can also set all the other defaults for a New Estimate in Master Estimate). If you do not have a Master Estimate defined, check your Owner Setup under the Options menu choice.

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What is ... ?

Q. The Tools Needed Database?

A. From the Material Database Editor click Edit|Tools Needed. You will be taken to a screen that allows you to associate tools from our tool list to items in the database. One of the new Phase reports gives you a list of tools needed and Phase of Construction.

Q. The Phase Database?

A. Items in the Material Database are assigned to a "Phase of Construction". For example, Feeders, Branch Circuits, Fiber, etc... The Phase database defines these phase and sets the labor markup for items placed in this phase. Phases of Construction are also used to better manage the job after you win the bid. If you find out that you are running over early in the job (lower Phase of Construction) you can adjust the operation to compensate.

Q. The Type of Construction Database?

A. The Type of Construction Database is a simple tool that allows you to Square-Foot-Estimate a job assuming you know your base labor rate and the cost per square foot for the type of job in question. As you have success with certain types of jobs you can build this database to reflect your business/geographical area.

Q. What is the Security Key?

A. The BHSestimator is not copy protected. You can put it on as many machines as you like. The key is your license to use copies of the BHSestimator. You must have the key attached to the parallel port of the machine that you want to estimate on or the software will work in view mode only.

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When is ... ?

Q. The next BHS User Group/Training Seminar

A. Typically in October: See the Seminar Page

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Revision History

See Downloads Page

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