Listed below are several downloadable files for your use. The purpose and date of issue is listed with each file. Most files are in PKZip format for quicker downloading. If you do not have a utility to unzip these files, you can download the PKZip Utilities by clicking here.

Program             Version            Date

Version 6.xx        V6.0.13.10       October 2017   

To receive the latest version of BHS V6, you must have an up-to-date Annual Site Service Contract. Please contact BHS for this download information at (844)506-2627.

The latest TTF16.ocx File. This file controls the Worksheet Operation and should be placed in the Windows\System folder overwriting the existing file. For Windows NT, etc this is typically the sys32 folder. This file is zipped.

Safenet Security Key Driver. Click here to go to Safenet,Inc. Download page and download the latest driver. This is the latest version of the Sentinel Protection Installer. Although they move it, the current link is

Estimator.PPT  Oct. 2009 - A slideshow presentation of the features of the BHSestimator for Windows. You will need Microsoft PowerPoint or the PowerPoint Viewer to run the slideshow.

BHSCNV34.exe Feb. 2000 - The file to convert BHS DOS version 3.xx estimates to Windows format. This file needs to be placed in the Windows\System32 directory.

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BHS6 Help File for Version and later Copy this file to the c:\program files\bhs, inc/bhs5 folder. If, when you open the Help (on a W7 or Vista machine) there is no data and it tells you to navigate to another web address, you are experiencing a Windows security “feature.”  If you navigate to c:\program files\bhs, inc\bhs5 and double-click on the bhs6.chm file, Windows will come up and ask if you want to run the file. There is a checkbox for “Always Check Before Running This File.” Uncheck it. It should work fine from within, or without the program then. If installed with the rest of the system, this would probably not happen, but since it came from a web download, Windows flags it until you tell it that the file is ok.


Updating From Alternate National Pricing Services - BHSestimator can update from ERI, Trade Service or EPIC. This link contains instructions and all the necessary support files. These files were last edited and revised in December 2010. See instructions file only.

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* If you need the PKZip Utility you may go to their web site by clicking here -> PKZIP Utility

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